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Weekend Workout [What's new? 13 Jan, 2022]

  1. [L~W] Freddy Krueger @ 14 Jan 2022 03:04:48 PM
  2. [BDU] Stormbreaker @ 14 Jan 2022 05:27:58 PM
    Hey Dave, how are we going to know when this one is active? Will it display in the gym or will our stuff turn blue again? :shifty: Not that I am planning on training or anything :shifty: just asking for a friend :wink:
  3. [BDU] A Town @ 14 Jan 2022 08:54:04 PM
    Top of the chat bar should say event and gym boost I think. At least last event that is how it was displayed.
  4. [BDU] Skipper @ 14 Jan 2022 09:25:10 PM
    Can we get a Monday update on the +10% gained and how many points were used? :haha: