The Akatsuki

The Akatsuki is a group of powerful and notorious criminals that strive for eternal peace but in an unspeakable manner,Akatsuki members are recognizable by their black cloaks with red clouds.Thanks to their ruthless tactics,they are regarded as one of the greatest threats to the ninja world.Now we have moved on to the Mafiadeath universe.Akatsukis ultimate objective is to climb the ranks and to help new players build there accounts efficiently as possible while also having fun playing the game.Bi weekly in gang competitions for point/cash prices,TPI funding list.Free custom gradient when highest in gang rank is reached. Join now and the world shall know pain.


Rank Mobster Level Money Position Online
1 [AK] Sabito Urokodaki 510 $0 Leader
2 [AK] Madara Uchiha 323 $0 Genin
3 [AK] Gojo Satoru 232 $0 Genin
4 [AK] Hashirama Senju 115 $0 Genin