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FL: General Chat Rules

  1. [J/K] Dave @ 26 Apr 2012 11:51:39 PM
    Welcome to the Foreign Language: General Chat Forum.
    Talk about anything in your native language/mother tongue here.
    Below is a list of rules that apply to this forum.

    The Rules: (Allowed)

    - General talk that doesn't fit into other forums

    The Rules: (Not Allowed)

    - No spamming of ANY sort. This includes, but is not limited to: posting links to other games, repeatedly posting smiley-only posts, spamming for the sake of free points, etc.

    - "Quitting" threads are not allowed in the forums. If you are quitting, are planning on quitting, or have quit, feel free to mail your friends and leave it at that.

    - Account selling and trading is not permitted in the forums (anywhere). You are only allowed to advertise for the sale of your account on your profile. You are no longer allowed to have ''For sale,'' or any other variant within your username.

    - Advertising other games, this includes your referral link.

    - Server/cross game transfers and trades

    - Nothing offensive or abusive is allowed. This means you may NOT severely rip into other players, staff, or the owners.

    - Hidden links that are harmful, including, but not limited to, kick from gang links, leave gang links, and log out links. These will result in an instant forum ban.

    - Kill me/Rate me/Mug me Threads (Unless mugging is part of a large mug).

    - 50/50 Match me/Race me Threads.

    - Please do not bump old threads unless you have good reason to do so (and the staff agree with that reason).

    - No Autoplay Videos in the forum.

    - Posting 'pedo-bear' or anything related

    - Anything that violates the TOS, including but not limited to, illegal material, pornography, personal attacks, racism, cheat/hack/multi posts, etc.

    Other Notes:

    Staff can easily find out what you're talking about, so if you think you can break the rules just because you're speaking in another language, don't be surprised if you're warned or banned for your behaviour.

    Advertising your services or asking for paid hits? These belong in the Marketplace Forum.


    Please note that Staff have the right to alter or extend any punishment if they feel it is necessary to do so.