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Rating: 1,030
Name: Grim Reaper™ Language: English (AU)
Type: Mobster HP: 11,200 / 11,200 [100%]
Gender: Male Battles: 3,862
Level: 224 Crimes: 17,130
Prison (Caught): 185 Forum Posts: 22
Prison (Busts): 68 Money: $16
Age: 3,067 days Last Active: 1198d 16h 20m
Gang: - Online:
Land: Large Private Island House: Large Island Mansion
City: Phoenix Status: -
Referred By: -



My Rules - My Reasons For Online Hits


1. You attacked me online.

2. You mugged me. You will be hit once.

3. You attacked someone I protect.

4. You attack or bother a friend, or disrespect M~I members.

5. You are a known scammer or free bunny.

6. You did or said something stupid (although I've been very forgiving lately).

7. You failed to follow the written rules of the game, you acted without brains or ethic or we're at war.

If I can not beat you I will train till I can.

I will hit people offline for experience, and if I get decent EXP I will hit several more times offline. Nothing personal.

You successfully bought 100 point(s) from the market for $0.