Quote: Take it easy. It's just a game. *** Until next time ***

Rating: 760
Name: W A S T E R Language: English (AU)
Type: Mobster HP: 20,000 / 20,000 [100%]
Gender: Male Battles: 22,925
Level: 400 Crimes: 34,175
Prison (Caught): 1,000 Forum Posts: 201
Prison (Busts): 96 Money: $5,189
Age: 5,645 days Last Active: 6y 329d 16h 42m
Gang: - Online:
Land: Large Private Island House: Large Island Mansion
City: Compton Status: -
Referred By: -



Alright folks, that would be all from my side.

More important things coming on the agenda but I won't talk about RL despite how some kids are trying to get into it. I guess when you're FAILing so hard in the game, you try to introduce RL hoping that it will suck less than your gameplay which isn't the case most of the time. :fistpump:

I had fun playing with noobZ and seeing them getting all pissed off. I guess they take some online text-based games too seriously. Somebody should tell them to chill out a bit. The aim was to make them play better and ready for the game but most of them didn't do anything and cried like pussies instead. Back in the day (like 2008-2010) we didn't have any 'noob protection period' or any shit like that. You had to fight your way up. Now the noobZ immediately start crying in the gang mass mails and forums if you hit them ONCE. They expect donations for everything even loans for housing and if you offer them a loan with a small interest they are like 'No, fuck that. I want help for free'. Fucking' noobZ.

The 'bigger' p(l)ayers are not much better either. Most of them have great accounts but they don't use them at all. The spend the day in the highest city possible doing boring crimes and training. For what? At the beginning (few weeks back) I was doing more hits with 4mil stats than they were with 4bil stats. Such a shame. Such a waste. I'm WASTER but I waste my in-game energy and people's RL nerves. They are just wasting their accounts.

Regarding the game itself... it's not what it used to be and I must express my disappointment in that 'department'. Glitches everywhere and more appearing every day on top of the old ones that are not getting fixed.

Activity quite low, to say at least. Back in 2010 there were hundreds of players online most of the day. Yes, hundreds. I'm not exaggerating. You can check the "Wayback Machine" and you'll see numbers like 400-600 online people at a time. That was a fun game. This is bullshit now compared to that.

Most of the good players left. Most of them with good reasons I won't discuss here because those are long stories regarding staff members' abuse etc. Old players will know what I'm talking about. Probably that killed the game. At least partially.

The other part was probably the players who spent thousands on their accounts buying points and jumped so much so nobody could catch up with them unless they threw thousands of dollars as well. What Jimbo would say... "The players were replaced by payers.". So fucked up but so true.

Who knows... maybe I'll log in again in few years just to see how the things are going. Maybe I'll find new noobZ who will keep me entertained for more than a day like it happened now. :ice:

No hard feelings tho :wink:

One last thing: This is a game, have fun and take it easy.