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State of the MD Address

  1. Dave @ 27 Apr 2023 04:35:18 AM
    Hey all,

    With a new month about to tick over, this is just a bit of an update on things you may have seen me mention in the forums here at MD:

    Gang Sizes

    You may have seen that I was soliciting some feedback around smaller gang sizes; my thought around this was the lack of friction going on with gangs at the moment due to a lot of heavy hitters all sitting in a handful of gangs... sort of a mutually assured destruction type of pact going on from what I can see where no one wants to start anything too serious with one another.

    Enforcing gang sizing would have been one lever to pull to achieve this, but it's obviously not the only way! I'm still working through designing a more balanced gang war system that will hopefully achieve this and may also encourage some more gangs to pop up and some more friction among them without having to impose any restrictions/limitations to do so.

    So the verdict is; no change to the size limits are on the horizon! We'll get friction another way!

    Voting Sites

    Voting sites will be coming back and, because I'm going for the long-term play here at MD, I acquired a network of four voting sites that we'll be getting some prominent features on and some preferred traffic from -- so when this is all finalised, I'll get the voting in place (with rewards as you'd expect) and I'll also start getting MD featured on them to help boost our numbers consistently for the years to come.

    Player Helpers

    With the upcoming return of voting sites and the expected traffic from the new voting site network, I'll be working on getting some more heft to the function of player helpers and have been considering making them similar to the referral system but sort of from the opposite direction, eg. you can volunteer to be a player helper, and you get "assigned a newbie", and as they level up, etc. you get bonus points and things like that for helping them get their start.

    General Polish

    We'll be getting some more general polish throughout the game on the back of the above, too; things like some reworked layouts for mobile / perhaps desktop, possibly the return of the "classic" colour scheme, and other quality-of-life features, including some nicer Gym training and Crime features to help you work (and new players!) work on your accounts.

    Replenishment Rate

    At some point in the next month, the rate at which replenishment of your vital stats (health, energy, etc.) tick over will likely be occurring on a per-minute basis instead of every five minutes; this is not to say that you get 5x more of everything, but just that instead of waiting 5 minutes to get, for example, 25 nerve, you would instead start to get five nerve come back each minute.


    To go with the general theme of getting new players on board, I'm open to any and all feedback in particular, that will help new players get started and stick around. So if you know anyone that tried to start and then sauntered off after not that long, and you're able to solicit feedback from them, feel free to pass it on!

    - Dave
  2. [TGP] Sabito Urokodaki @ 27 Apr 2023 04:40:01 AM
  3. [TGP] Catastrophe Man @ 27 Apr 2023 04:42:10 AM
    Fuck, you're the best Dave!
  4. [TGP] Sunset Samurai @ 27 Apr 2023 04:49:38 AM
    Thank you for the update, Dave.
  5. [NWO] Australian Dave @ 27 Apr 2023 05:22:44 AM
    Having smaller gangs give no incentive to new players to join gangs. If you cut the size of gangs, only heavy hitters will remain in gangs. No one will want to let new people in their gang because they are inexperienced and typically not going to power level or train to be a hitter right off the bat. Big gangs offer protection to new players, we have their backs and give them guidance. I like to see things moving forward and the game changing but I believe smaller gangs will greatly hurt the game as a whole.
  6. Don Pumpkinoso @ 27 Apr 2023 05:22:55 AM
  7. Dave @ 27 Apr 2023 05:37:02 AM
    I probably should have frontloaded that section with what I put at the end of it, Sick Nick!
    So the verdict is; no change to the size limits are on the horizon! We'll get friction another way!

    So I think we're on the same page already :shoopdawhoop:
  8. [NWO] Australian Dave @ 27 Apr 2023 05:40:02 AM
  9. [BDU] Kenny Power$ @ 27 Apr 2023 06:44:40 AM
    Sweet!! Thank you!!
  10. [BDU] Marty McBear @ 27 Apr 2023 06:46:49 AM
    Fuck yeah, this makes me happy! :fistpump:
  11. [NWO] A Town @ 27 Apr 2023 08:30:24 AM

    Is there anyway you could send out an email to all emails you have on file of who signed up over the years about all the news updates. Possibly bring back older players who forgot about MD
  12. Don Pumpkinoso @ 27 Apr 2023 08:34:14 AM
    Been asking Dave that since last year :haha:
  13. [BDU] WIZMUR @ 27 Apr 2023 08:35:40 AM
    I think there must be a way A Town as ive had it from other mafia games(does end up in my spam alot, rightfully so:haha:)

    Dave, top work, really excited for the future :fistpump:
  14. [BD2] MÐMП @ 27 Apr 2023 10:02:01 AM
    Add a 700 city or riot
  15. [TGP] Catastrophe Man @ 27 Apr 2023 10:40:32 AM
    LMAO MM :haha: