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What's new? 18 March, 2023

  1. [KØH] Mister Moist @ 18 Mar 2023 10:14:29 PM
    Completed 50/50 platinum didn't receive an event
  2. [BDU] Riot @ 18 Mar 2023 10:14:33 PM
    Notified Dave, he'll have a look at it later, looks like you got the level platinum as well
  3. Dave @ 18 Mar 2023 10:26:46 PM
    Those should be all corrected now; I just have to fix up the timestamps for medals for prison busts that were platinum but should still be gold. That'll come over the next few days because it's a mild pain to fix :haha:
  4. [KØH] Mister Moist @ 18 Mar 2023 10:27:06 PM
    The "My Listings" only includes the airline ticket, however I have the RM Packs and Car Part Rares listed as well, and it does not show up at the bottom.

  5. [BDU] Riot @ 18 Mar 2023 10:33:29 PM
    ^ fixed in next Deploy
  6. [KØH] Mister Moist @ 18 Mar 2023 11:01:06 PM
    Fixed now!
  7. Don Pumpkinoso @ 18 Mar 2023 11:57:19 PM
    Where do i find the medals.
  8. [BDU] lackouUK @ 19 Mar 2023 12:00:01 AM
    Home -> view my medals (link is near the bottom of the page)
  9. [BDU] ¡ƎIϽ˥ @ 19 Mar 2023 12:35:56 AM
    We NEED more inventory space!!!!
  10. [KØH] Mister Moist @ 19 Mar 2023 08:52:54 AM
    We have 1000 inventory spots between 4 accounts, that’s pretty good
  11. [BD2] HAVOK @ 19 Mar 2023 03:23:59 PM
    "we have 200mil bank space between 4 accounts, that's pretty good"

    What's wrong with making it upgradeable like the banks :shoopdawhoop:
  12. [BD2] XxEvil SlayerxX @ 19 Mar 2023 04:34:44 PM
    Top house/land costs $410 mil. You need at least 100mil across the four accounts or more in one than the other. Not to mention cash is one of the main resources in this game - you need cash for houses, drugs, item repairs, etc. Upgrades are needed.

    Whereas, with inventory space, there is really no excuse to need more than 1,000 space. Steel items are dumb, they serve no purpose but to take up inventory space, just sell them.

    One could make the case that they don’t want to have a RM on all of their accounts so they have less than 1,000 space but I doubt Dave would roll out an excuse not to keep getting RMs. :shifty:
  13. [BDU] Damage INC @ 19 Mar 2023 07:56:10 PM
    So make the upgrades disappear when rm runs out. Ez
  14. [NWO] A Town @ 19 Mar 2023 08:21:12 PM
    Havok really wants more space for his car parts and steel items lol
  15. [T~K] FLOUNDERED @ 20 Mar 2023 12:12:48 AM
    I have 4 platinums. How many are available?